Martes, Setyembre 20, 2011

Do you wanna help the poor?

Then get rid of government. All of the money that smart and creative people waste on taxes could create jobs and wealth for everyone beyond our wildest dreams. Taxes is the most expensive expenses.  Government is primarily run by the control freaks, losers, and suck-ups that you couldn't stand in high school. Times change, but people do not...they can only grow spiritually....unless they are spiritually dead. If normal people fail, then they need to try something new. Government is an exercise in insanity...doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Same with most us, we depend our future to our government which is totally wrong. Common!.... Why do schools get worse and students get more ignorant/stupid with each passing year? Because government isn't held to the same standards of normal honest people...and that's why most normal and honest people would stay out of government if at all possible. There is a better fact there are several. Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. Government is like fire...a dangerous servant and a fearful master. The sooner we break free from the Matrix is the sooner we awaken to who we truly are in this world.

what will replace the void (power and control)? the ones who control fiat currency?

 The people like us (private)  will lead the people in a decentralized manner. Just like a group of businesses we will split up and organize our private  communities. Everyone will have a useful role that they can negotiate. This is done at the family level since less people will need to work to support the family outside of the home since people will be growing their own food or manufacturing a trade like craftsmanship, car building, or any master trade occupation. It is very easy to feed everyone, give them the access to next to free drugs since there are no drug laws. There would be next to zero crime since far more people would be addicted to drugs since there is no profit to push drugs onto people. And since there is no legal taboo, kids won't care about it. The minute that they put an age limit on things like alcohol and beer compare the binge drinking habits of teenage Americans vs. teenage Filipinos. When I first came here, I never saw teenagers drinking. Now that it's 18, there are house parties everywhere. Alcohol use is way up here now in any class teenagers. I could go on and on with this, but the point is that there is easily enough talent to take care of society without the current structure. Again, you name the topic, and I will tell you why the private sector can not only do it better without regulation and monopoly control allowed only due to existence of government but cleaner and cheaper.....with much faster innovation due to the inability to suppress technology. Name anything. I guarantee you that I can tell you how government screws it up. But it starts with the schools. They get us when we are young and only the dreamers and the geniuses among us are able to escape the full control of the soul-death that is the Matrix...where you have no true free will or free thought...since all of your thoughts are programmed in by mere repetition. These are the Sheeple. But you were able to break free like I broke free, and I was able to free your mind from what weak control the System held over you. You said it to me yourself that you are still relatively a baby. Yes you are my young still have much to learn.That should be "far LESS people addicted to drugs".

Proposed system/method of trade?

Either barter like so many people do swaps here...a VERY anti-government activity even if the BIR demands that you declare it...since you cannot really prove it....but look at the corruption and bureaucracy. But that's one way. The other ways would be gold, silver, copper, nickel...i.e. real web cam girls money.We don't need true banks anymore. We have private credit unions that rely on local lending. Money can be done privately based on gold held and would be held to a numbered system of equivalent leveraged currency of 10-1 with no derivatives or fiat leveraging.I promise you...get rid of the government and all of the regulation and there would be peace on earth tomorrow...since there would no longer be any organized armies and guns would be in the hands of pretty much everyone as a form of keeping the peace. The most non-violent societies are those where everyone is armed. The reason that no country on Earth can invade the USA, for example, and last more than 2 days at maybe the beach if they are REALLY lucky. The truth is that the USA doesn't need a military at all. We were taught this back in Officer training. The whole idea of national defense is pretty much a joke, just like no country has been able to maintain stable control over the Philippines through direct occupation in modern times. Even when the States was in "control" it was only due to economic advantages given to tribal leaders. Tribal leaders maintained a solid control over their villages which maintained discipline. Only since the insertion of this false "democracy" has true corruption, cronyism, crime, and poverty been a true issue here. The proof is in the photos from the 1950's when the Philippines was the Pearl of the Orient. Government enables transnational corporations to create monopolies and prey on small businesses. Government has been responsible for all genocides. I do think that we are ending the time of government...either there is a solar flare or a slow-burn economic collapse, I think most governments are going to fail miserably as the people realize that we have no true enemies.That is what it means when people say "One race...the human race." Government has backed either slavery of bondage or economic slavery. And I believe that economic slavery is even worse in the long run since it creates fatal dependency by the lower classes on government as it grows. At least a slave in bondage will never experience horrible starvation and, again, slavery can only be facilitated by governments either directly or through subsidy. This is how the phenomenon of "white slavery" of women and children, and even reports of men lately. Some is voluntary but most is not. At least someone who knows that they are in bondage can run away. There is no slave in greater fear or peril than the slave that falsely believes himself to be free. Americans are some of the most unhappy people on Earth. Sure there are happy Americans, but most are stressed out by either finances or government propaganda like Bogeymen with big beards. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and the more frightening and painful it is on the long way down...lasting for at least a generation in some cases....if they ever get out in the next 100 years. Look at the video game MULE. You can play an emulator on a mac or pc. Google it. It is a game where there is no government and pure free market capitalism. If one person is sneaky and greedy enough, they will destroy the economy. If they all work together, they create fabulous wealth and advances in technology that we can only imagine if government was to end economic suppression by the empowerment of corporate monopolies. Keep in mind, for example, that Intel is considered a National Security issue and the technology cannot be be given to Chinese corporations and scientists who understand the technology have to sign nondisclosure upon penalty of treason agreements. Only government can limit this kind of activity since it creates false borders. All knowledge, at some point should be shared...and that means that if you one can produce it or reproduce it without being taught, there should not be an exclusivity of use patent. Again, all of this artificial scarcity is enabled by government. That is the source of all of the suffering in the world. Our lifestyle wouldn't change. In fact it would be even better. But those members of the sociopath and control freak class would quickly be cannibalizing one another...kill themselves....or figure out a way to join us. I think most will choose the latter.